Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman steps down following hack

Noel Biderman is stepping down as the CEO from Avid Life Media, the parent company of infamous cheating website Ashley Madison. The formal announcement of Biderman’s departure was announced earlier today as a result of a “mutual agreement with the company.”

The confirmation came via a press-statement released earlier this morning (Friday) simply stating, “Effective today, Noel Biderman, in mutual agreement with the company, is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of Avid Life Media Inc. (ALM) and is no longer with the company.”

The company went on to confirm, “Until the appointment of a new CEO, the company will be led by the existing senior management team.” Ashley Madison has been in the forefront of media headlines for the past few weeks after a database breach released the identity and personal information from millions of its members. That hack has led to several impeding class-action lawsuits, two alleged suicides and countless sleepless knights from its members.

As of right now the parent company has yet to confirm a a replacement for Biderman following his departure. The company will still continue to operate through the senior management staff that ran the company under Biderman as outlined by the company above.

“The change is in the best interest of the company and allows us to continue to provide support to our members and dedicated employees,” the company said in the release this afternoon. “We are steadfast in our commitment to our customer base.” Avid Life media continued also stated that the company is “adjusting to the attack” and that there are no current plans to shutdown the website at this time.

“We are actively cooperating with international law enforcement in an effort to bring those responsible for the theft of proprietary member and business information to justice,” explained Avid Life Media in the same statement.