Alienware X51 R3 now available, Alienware laptops get upgraded specs as well

Dell’s Alienware brand is getting a quick refresh this holiday season, the company is adding a few in-demand customizations and some new hardware specs to the company’s already popular desktop and laptop models. Our offices in-fact use several X51 R2 models and the 17″ laptop to stay on-top of today’s demanding games, but it looks like we may have to upgrade soon.

Alienware debuted the next generation Alienware X51 gaming desktop, updated Alienware 13, 15 and 17 notebooks today. The company has also announced that it will bring back the Alienware 18 notebook.

The updated desktop and notebooks come on the eve of PAX Prime, one of the largest gaming events in North America, taking place August 28-31 in Seattle, Washington. The event will highlight some of the new solutions including the first look at the new Dell 27 Gaming Monitor, launching in late October.

As for the Alienware X51 Desktop, the company will offer a custom liquid cooling solution for customers, as well as support for the Alienware Graphics Amplifier.

Fitting into the same small form factor, the unique CPU cooling solution reduces noise output and can push the latest 6th-gen Intel Core i5K and i7K unlocked processors to peak performance. Gamers that want to go beyond the X51’s impressive Nvidia GTX 960 graphics can now enjoy 4k gaming when connected to the Graphics Amplifier and a 4k display (both sold separately), supporting discrete GPUs options including the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X.

Memory upgrades include support for DDR4 memory, new M.2 PCIe SSDs for increased bandwidth up to 4GB/s, and USB 3.1 ports that can drastically improve throughput when attaching select devices. Now with Windows 10, the latest Alienware X51 can power more realistic graphics and smooth gameplay with DirectX 12.

Also updated for the holiday season were the Alienware 13, 15 and 17 Notebooks. Overall the new Alienware notebooks offer over 20 updates and upgrades.

Key improvements include patent-pending Dynamic Overclocking capabilities that constantly monitor temperature thresholds to ensure maximum CPU performance. Each updated notebook includes USB Type-C ports for USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 technology support, plus PCIe SSD technology for significant 4GB/s throughput to ensure games, media and applications load fast.

For uncompromised connectivity, Alienware implemented Killer Wireless-AC 1535 and Killer E2400 High-Performance Gigabit Ethernet controllers for improved speed and reliability while playing online games, streaming your game, or enjoying online HD video. All of these notebooks will also ship Windows 10, as well as support Windows 8.1.

All Alienware laptops can extend to UltraHD 4k gaming when connected to an Alienware Graphics Amplifier featuring a 4k capable graphics card and an optional 4k display.

Among the unique options offered in the updated portfolio, the Alienware 17 offers an optional Ultra 4k display with the latest IGZO technology for higher quality images and lower power requirements. The same IGZO technology is available in the new optional touch QHD+ resolution panel for the Alienware 13, which can now deliver longer battery life with the available 62WHr battery. The Alienware 15 is first to market and the only notebook configurable with the new AMD Radeon R9 M395X graphics.

One of the more surprising announcements today was the resurrection of the Alienware 18. The company will release the 18 inch display option with an on-board dual graphics options. The device will also feature an overclocked and upgradeable CPU.

“This latest wave of products was inspired by our customers’ continued demand for more performance and innovation,” said Frank Azor, Co-founder and General Manager, Alienware. “The new liquid cooling system, extending Graphics Amplifier support, incorporating the latest component technology, and the Special Edition Alienware 18 are just the latest developments from nearly two decades of commitment to gamers and their needs.”

The company also detailed the new 27” Dell 27 Monitor (S2716DG), specially designed for gaming. The monitor will support Nvidia’s G-Sync Gen II technology and the fastest possible refresh rate at 144Hz, while its swift 1ms response rate offers virtually no input lag.

Dell also announced its first 27” curved monitor. This new Dell 27 Monitor (SE2716H) offers an immersive and comfortable viewing experience with a wrap-around feel. A thin bezel design adds to the experience with an almost seamless view. Elegantly crafted, this stylish and sturdy 27” curved monitor provides gamers with amazing color contrast. Crisp and rich audio with powerful dual 9W integrated speakers further enhances gameplay.


The new Alienware X51 is now available for purchase; additional configurations will arrive in market later this year. The Alienware 13, 15 and 17 notebooks are available now as well. Customers can also pick-up the Special Edition Alienware 18.

As for the monitors, the Dell 27 Gaming Monitor will be available for purchase on for $799.99 starting October 20 and the Dell 27 Curved Monitor will be available for purchase on for $399.99 starting September 15.