If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest Twitter/Instagram battles, you may not know about the growing case between popular comedians and Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky. If that’s the case, then let’s catch you up.

Over the course of the year, Josh Ostrovsky has risen to social-media heights as one of the funniest Instagram/Twitter spots on the web, but according to many popular comedians, it’s all been based on mostly stolen material.

Things came to a head this Thursday when the Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Ostrovsky had signed with CAA, one of the top talent agencies in the world. Around that time it was reported that Ostrovsky had signed a script deal with Comedy Central and was on his way to create a pilot for the network. That’s when the internet turned on Mr. Fat Jew.

With former fans, editors, and comedians providing links and documents of alleged plagiarism, many people were angry that Ostrovsky was offered such a lucrative deal with a popular network and spoke out against the script deal on social-media.

It seems that all of the social-media wars were over nothing however because a rep for Comedy Central confirmed with E! today that the deal with the network and Ostrovsky was canceled a long time ago.

The rep told EW that CC, “had a script deal with the network, but it failed to move forward to the pilot stage “several months ago.”

The report also states that Comedy Central also has no future plans to work with Ostrovsky at this point.