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Google renames Android M, Android Marshmallow

Earlier today Google confirmed that M Developer Preview at Google I/O introduced back in May will be Android Marshmallow. Google introduced the Developer Preview update with the official Android 6.0 SDK and opened Google Play for publishers and developers.

Developers will be able to download the Android 6.0 SDK through the SDK Manager in Android Studio, offering the final Android APIs and build tools needed to target API 23.

In an announcement post released earlier today Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android wrote, “Once you have downloaded the Android 6.0 SDK into Android Studio, update your app project compileSdkVersion to 23 and you are ready to test your app with the new platform. You can also update your app to targetSdkVersion to 23 test out API 23 specific features like auto-backup and app permissions.”

Not only did Google release the Android 6.0 SDK, the company also updated the Android Support Library to v23. Eason described the new features stating, “Android Support library makes it easier to integrate many of the new platform APIs, such as permissions and fingerprint support, in a backwards-compatible manner. This release contains a number of new support libraries including: custom tabs, percent, recommendation, preference-v7, preference-v14, and preference-leanback-v17.”

If you are not a developer, but one of the millions of users that are eager to get their hands on the latest Operating System, then you can look forward to a “consumer launch this fall.” At that time the Google Play store will also be updated, allowing the, “app install and update process supports the new permissions model for apps using API 23.”

You can read more about the development side of the new operating system, including steps to start testing your app and updating it to work with the new api system on the official blog-post below.

That blog-post can be found on the official Android Developer’s blogspot at