Smach’s Steam Portable, the Smach Zero, will launch in 2016 for $299

Steam’s two-year rollout of new hardware will continue with the portable Steam Machine in 2016. Valve is set to release the long-awaited Steam Controller for PC in 2015, as well as start licensing their own Steam OS that is being released on third-party Steam Machines this year.

The new handheld is set to go on sale this November 10 at $299, the release window was announced at Gamescom this year. The portable device will go on-sale just as the previously mentioned Steam Machines start shipping to customers. November is also the month that the controller goes on sale. Customers will be able pre-order the portable machine on November 10th but the product itself won’t release until late 2016.

The downside to the November release date is that Smach won’t ship until Q4 of next year, presumably during the holiday season. There are also rumors going around that the $299 price-tag is only for launch and that the price will increase after the initial rollout.

Right now the device is being called the Smach Zero, it was called the Steamboy by fans and devs up to this point. At the time it was announced, the Smach Zero claimed that it will be able to play more that 1,000 titles at launch.

If you go by Smach’s hardware specs, customers will have dual touch-pads and a four-button directional layout. On the opposite right-side you will have four-buttons. There are seven-buttons total on the front of the device, with six-buttons available on the back.

Back in June, Smach Zero announced that the graphics will run on an AMD embedded G-Series SoC “Steppe Eagle” with Jaguar-based CPU and GCN-based Radeon graphics. The device will have 4 GB RAM memory, with 32GB internal memory. An SD Card slot will allow you to expand that memory when you need it (and you will).

The screen is a 5-inch touch-screen with 720p resolution. The gamepads are configurable, there is a USB connection and an HDMI video output connection.

The device will support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, with 4G mobile network connectivity available on the PRO model only. More information on that Pro model will be announced at a later date.