CBS Supergirl trailer shows epic saves, will bring back Kryptonian Non villain

Supergirl on CWSupergirl on CW

CBS had a lot of announcements and surprises for reporters at this year’s TCA event. The network released a new trailer for the series, which can be seen below, showing SUpergirl saving a plane and accepting her fate as the city’s savior.

This marks the latest trailer for the upcoming “Supergirl” series that will hit CBS later this year. The network has released quite a few teaser leading up to this video, featuring “Supergirl,” Kara Zor-El (played by Melissa Benoist) as she saves a plane that is about to crash and begins to understand her role on Earth.

“There’s something about me that, for most of my life, I’ve run from it,” Kara says to her neighbor, Winn (played by Jeremy Jordan). “But last night, I embraced who I am. I’m her, the woman who saved the plane!” The video shows a clip of Supergirl stopping the falling plane while flying through the night sky.

Not only does Supergirl save a plane, she also can stop bullets just as well as her Super-cousin. Supergirl also keeps her suit under her work-clothes, an idea that seems to be a constant in the Super-family tree.

If you look, there is a silhouetted Superman that saves young Kara from her escape pod, the same type of pod that jettisoned Superman to safety before Krypton exploded.

CBS also announced that Non, the Kryptonian villain that was banished along with General Zod in “Superman II,” will also appear in series. It was “Supergirl” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg that made the revelation earlier today (Monday) during the same TCA panel in Los Angeles. Non was a mute in the Superman II film, he was one of two henchman that served General Zod, the other was a woman named Ursa.

Kreisberg stated that, “Like in the comic books, the Non that you saw in ‘Superman II’ had been lobotomized, and when we meet him he won’t have been lobotomized yet.”

General Zod is one of the more consistent villains in the Superman comics, though many fans would love to see him appear in the series we’re sure, there is no confirmation at this point that he will appear in Supergirl.

Joining Melissa Benoist in the series will be Calista Flockhart, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood and Chyler Leigh

“Supergirl” premieres on CBS on October 27 at 8:30/7:30c.