The Heath Ledger Joker Diary appears in the Too Young To Die documentary trailer

By now many fans of Heath Ledger and the Batman film-franchise know that Heath Ledger kept a very detailed journal during his creation of, and transition into, his Award-winning role of The Joker. While the journal has become a fun bit of trivia for fans to know of, few have ever read what the journal had inside.

All of that will change thanks to a German documentary that is attempting to shed light on the secretive life of Heath Ledger. Not only will the documentary tell the story of Heath Ledger’s personal life, it will also tell the story of how Ledger brought the Joker to life for The Dark Knight.

Released earlier today, a video shows a scene from the documentary. In the video you can see Ledger’s father, Kim Ledger, going through the very diary that his son kept while preparing for the role that won him the award.

“He pretty well locked himself up in a hotel, in his apartment, for a month or so, to sort of galvanize the upcoming character in his own mind,” Kim Ledger said. “That was typical of Heath on any movie. He would certainly immerse himself in the upcoming character. I think this was just a whole new level.”

There are some terrific shots of the playing cards that Ledger drew in the diary, as well as particular scenes that Ledger transcribed and drew from the actual Batman comics.

Other imagery like those of hyenas, and the word “Chaos” are particular prevalent in the documentary. Fans most likely remember that Heath Ledger died back in January of 2008. He was only 28 at the time of his death.

It was a bitter-sweet moment when, the following year, he was awarded a posthumous Oscar for his role as the Joker in the Dark Knight. The very same statuette can be seen in the clip while his father reads the diary for the documentary.

The studio describes the film stating, “Heath Ledger was also a very talented photographer, created collages and produced innovative music videos. Film clips from Heath Ledger’s films as well as interviews with his early school day friends, fellow artists from the film industry such as Terry Gilliam, and especially Heath Ledger’s father paint a very personal picture of the century talent Heath Ledger.” It’s a video that fans won’t want to miss.