Quantum Break gameplay trailer shows Game of Throne and X-Men stars in leading roles

At Microsoft’s Gamescom Press Event this afternoon, Remedy Entertainment reintroduced their next release, “Quantum Break,” to the fans. The publisher teases the story of the game by stating, “When time broke it changed Jack. Watch what happens when time is your greatest weapon in the groundbreaking narrative experience Quantum Break.”

Aside from the new game-mechanics and the almost infinite explosions shown in the video, what you may notice about the presentation is the leading cast for the new action-game. Shawn Ashmore of the X-MEN franchise is voicing Jack Joyce in the title and a Game of Thrones cast-member will be his nemesis it seems.

Ashmore also took the stage briefly to say hi to the press after the gameplay video was shown at the event. Also featured in the trailer was Aidan Gillen, the man who plays Littlefinger on HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones”.

Quantum Break has suffered from a series of delays in the past but Remedy Entertainment did give a firm release date for the title, now expected to release on April 5, 2016.

Fan can pre-order the game and checkout other information on the Xbox One exclusive by visiting the official product page on authorized retailers like