Game of Thrones casts Max von Sydow as Three Eyed Raven

If you haven’t read the books but are familiar with the “Game of Thrones” TV adaptation on HBO, then you are probably still curious about that three-eyed raven that has been popping-up from time to time.

The Raven is an important character in Bran’s storyline, a plot that viewers will be returning to when season 6 starts later next year. This according to the actor (Isaac Hempstead Wright) that plays Bren which talked about his return to season 6 in an interview last month. Bren met the human-form of the Raven in season 4, at the time he was being played by Struan Rodger but Max von Sydow will be taking things from here.

Max von Sydow has officially been cast as the new Three-Eyed Raven, the casting was confirmed earlier today. When we last saw Bren and the Raven it was the final episode of season 4 and the Three Eyed Raven was prepping Bran to begin his Warg training under the Raven’s tutelage.

A Warg, if you need a reminder, can project his conciseness into animals (and some people) seeing what they see and living through them for a short time. Season 5 left Bren on the sidelines, but we do know that he will be coming back into the spotlight when season 6 returns.

Von Sydow has an Academy Award nomination for his work in 1987’s “Pelle erobreren” and another for the 2011 film “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”. In the past he picked-up two Golden Globe nominations, one for the 1973 horror “The Exorcist,” as Father Merrin, the other for the 2002 film “The Minority Report”.

You will see Von Sydow and his fellow Game of Throne’s star Gwendoline Christie (she plays Brienne of Tarth) in “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”.

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