Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner launch an online store

It may not have a lot to choose from ATM but Kendall + Kylie are hitting the internet with their own storefront. In the past Kendall and Kylie Jenner have worked together to promote retail-brands (including Topshop and PacSun), their reality series and a number of other products online but now they are selling straight to source with handpicked items. The image above from the site shows the two posing together from their first “closet” choices.

The popular reality sisters have launched their own site called Kendall + Kylie and it may be barebones at the moment but this time they are doing the choosing (at least it appears that they are).

The new e-commerce site launched with a whopping two products, yes two products. It seems that the site will continue to flood the world with hand-picked items from the sisterly duo via flash sales and sell the merch for a limited time during a specific launch window.

If the business-model keeps up then the site will sell two-items, we expect one to be from Team Kendall while the other is from Team Kylie, each week while supplies last.

Customers can sign-on to the site and shop Kendall’s closet or Kylie’s closet and pick up the latest offerings from the Jenner girls.

There is a limit to how much you can buy, you guessed it, two of each. If you are a subscriber to the e-comerce site then you will get into each sale before non-subscribers.

The first two items that hit the site include a black crop-top from Kendall that reads “Klub” and a tank from Kylie that reads “Kylie 97.”