When I was first approached to review G-Project’s new G-Tube speaker, I accepted more out of curiosity than a need to install a bluetooth speaker in my house. The splash-proof feature piqued my interest; if anything, I could now listen to my podcasts when shaving (I’m taking 2-3 minute showers due to the drought in CA).

Doing something like that doesn’t take a LONG time by any stretch of the imagination, but if I were to add some entertainment to an otherwise boring task, then why not? So off I went, waiting patiently for the G-Tube to show up on my doorstep.

I’m pretty new to the world of bluetooth speakers, and prior to this year, I never found the need to use them. I run most of my music apps through my Android TV setup, so anytime my kids wanted to listen to something and have a dance party, I just streamed content through the TV prior to Bluetooth Speakers.

As far as personal listening time, I wasn’t about to blast loud music through the TV while my kids were asleep, so headphones were my go-to solution. A portable bluetooth speaker just never fit into the equation before testing them out myself.

I won’t say that having the G-Tube “life-changing;” that’s a bit silly and hyperbolic, but I will admit that I clearly didn’t know what I was missing. In terms of in-shower media, I had no idea what was available and what was possible. Sure, I’ve heard of waterproof bluetooth speakers, but I have never tried one.

The G-Tube opened my eyes to the wonders (and dangers) of dancing in the shower and listening to podcast while getting ready.

Instead of marveling over the witchcraft that allows a splashproof speaker to exist, I’ll instead talk about the features that make this a great speaker at an absolute steal of a price ($40). The G-Tube is made with an incredibly rugged protective elastomer shell.

It’s shaped like a small baton, and is approximately 5” by 2”. A comfortable, grippy neoprene surrounds each outer edge and across a band in the middle, providing excellent grip in wet conditions. While not completely submergible (something I am reluctant to do even with products that to be able to handle it), it still is able to withstand quite a bit of water.

The G-Tube has an IPX5 water resistant rating, which means as far as using it in the shower or around a bathtub/pool, you should be fine. A good deal of splashing is allowed, just enough to where you don’t have to spend anytime moving the speaker out of harm’s way. In short, you’re good wherever you need it, just so long as it’s not completely underwater.

G Tube review

Each end of the speaker houses a number of features as well. One end contains the power button, play/pause, and volume up/down. All these are built under the neoprene, so no worries about them taking a hit under running water. The other end has a screw which holds a plastic cap.

Unscrewing the cap reveals a micro-USB charging port and line-in/line-out ports. Clever design here, as having these port gives the G-Tube a bit of versatility when compared to other speakers that offer ONLY bluetooth audio. Could the G-Tube have been even cheaper than its $40 price tag if it didn’t have these ports? Probably, but then it would be just any other speaker on the market. Instead, you have all the ports you need to connect to a number of different devices, and it’s all protected under the plastic screw cap.

As far as performance goes, the G-Tube does not disappoint. It’s considerably louder than some other lower end bluetooth speakers that I have seen, and it has pretty decent range as well (33 feet). Once charged, it will offer up to 6 hours of battery life (neither great nor bad, but passable).

Because the grill surround is made of metal, the G-Tube can actually take quite a few bumps, as I learned when my two year old son climbed a table to get to it and chucked it onto the tile floor in the kitchen. Not a scratch on the thing; in fact in bounced after hitting the tile due to a nice landing on one of the neoprene edges. Because it’s so durable, I would have no issues clipping it to my backpack when I’m out hiking or something (the screw cap has a small metal clip).

The G-Tube is a rugged, compact, and affordable bluetooth speaker for all your listening needs. Sure it’ll never have Bose quality sound, but chances are if that’s what you’re after, you will have no issues dropping the hundreds of dollars required for that sort of quality.

For those that just want to be able to hear the words spoken on their favorite podcast (mine is Talk is Jericho) and not sell a kidney to do so, the G-Tube is the perfect choice. Add to that decent range, battery life, and the ability to get wet, and you have a smart choice for your next bluetooth speaker.