Star Wars Battlefront devs talk characters, future reveals and getting hands-on

The team behind “Star Wars Battlefront” answered a few fan questions this week regarding the highly anticipated game.

Among the fan-questions that the team posted the answers to on the Battlefront community page, a few are sure to peak players interest. It was teased that over the next few months the developers will be announcing new multiplayer modes that will be included in the game and the devs will show new gameplay footage.

The team also stated that Gamescom attendees will be the among the first to, “go hands on with a new and unique gamemode,” adding, “fans of Starfighters are going to be excited about.”

For the past few weeks the game has been in an Alpha-testing phase, allowing lucky gamers to be some of the first players ever to play Star Wars Battlefront. While a few daring testers have posted videos of their gameplay on YouTube, most of the alpha testing has been kept under wraps.

If you weren’t luck enough to be one of the alpha testers, there are a few ways that you can still get your hands on the game. If you are attending the EB Games Expo in Sydney, AU or the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA. you can checkout the game at the Star Wars Battlefront booths. EA will also be bringing the game to Gamescom in Cologne, DE, where the dev will also reveal an all-new multiplayer game mode at the event.

EA will also be hosting testing invites on their social-media pages for multiple platforms over the next few weeks.

The team also confirmed on the community page that split-screen mode will be made available for co-op missions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for up-to two players, but it will not be offered on the PC version.

If you are curious about what characters you will be able to play as in the game, the developers stated, “We’re giving fans the opportunity to play as some of their favorite characters,” and listed Twi’leks, Sullustans, Zabraks and Quarrens as unlockable characters. There will also be, “more while fighting for the Rebels,” according to the post.

While the game is scheduled to release on November 16, 2015, players can get a ton of free DLC and goodies if they pre-order from one of several editions. More info, pricing and details on the pre-order bonuses can be found at authorized retailers like