Jessica Moreno quits Reddit, another female leader flies the coop

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Reddit continues to lose key members of its staff this week as the head of community, Jessica Moreno, has stepped down from her role with the company.

If you’re counting, Moreno is the fourth senior-level female employee to leave the company in the past few weeks alone. Moreno has been with the company for close to five years now, having joined with Reddit back in 2011. Moreno joined the company after Moreno’s company, called RedditGifts, was acquired by Reddit back in 2011.

According to Re/Code, both Reddit and Moreno confirmed the exit in separate statements that are listed below. As of right now, Reddit has not announced a replacement for Moreno.

Moreno also stopped short of stating the exact reasons why she is leaving the company, only saying that she plans to “spend with my [sic] family.”

While it may be speculated that Moreno’s exit could be influenced by the recent accusations of gender discrimination that has plagued the company, Moreno did not specify. Reddit has been taking new measures to curb online harassment, which is also part of Moreno’s letter. Moreno stated, “It was a difficult decision to make right now as Reddit is taking difficult steps in a much needed positive direction.”

The previous women to leave the company include site-admin Victoria Taylor, CEO Ellen Pao and engineering chief Bethanye Blount.

The statement from Jessica Moreno reads:

“I have enjoyed my time at Reddit but after four years I feel that it’s time for me to move on. While I am working with Steve on a transition plan, I am looking forward to taking time off to spend with my family. It was a difficult decision to make right now as Reddit is taking difficult steps in a much needed positive direction. I’m excited to see the progress being made and glad I could be a part of it.”

The statement from Reddit reads:

“Jessica is going to return to Salt Lake City to be with her family, but we’ve yet to settle on a date. We’re grateful for her invaluable contributions to our community, from Secret Santa to industry-leading policy changes, and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

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