The Witcher 3 to add new game plus mode

If you have been putting off a second or third run-through of “The Witcher 3” in hopes that the developers will add a New Game Plus mode, then good news, it’s on the way. This according to the latest update from the team at CD Projekt Red.

The developers made the confirmation earlier today, stating that more free DLC is on the way for the popular game, and that a New Game Plus mode will also be added to the title through a future update.

News broke on Facebook and Twitter, form the official Witcher accounts that simply posted, “NG+, the final FREE DLC, is on the way! Stay tuned. Won’t happen this week – we need a bit more time to finish it.” You can checkout the image teasing the new DLC below.

The developers stopped short of detailing the NG+ mode but more details are sure to be released over the next few weeks. The game is also set to release its first untitled expansion over the next few months but more information and details on both of those content offering will be announced at a later date.