The Amazon exclusive amiibo Palutena available online today

Today is the day that the amiibo Palutena will be available on Amazon. If you are new to †he modern amigo shopping reality, then come prepared, this will most likely sellout in mere moments.

If you are interested in buying the new amiibo Palutena, a character made popular from the famed “Kid Icarus” franchise, then you will have to go to Amazon to get it (link below). Sure, a few will hit third-party sites like eBay for an inflated price later on but you can pay the MSRP at Amazon.

The sale will take place exclusively at Amazon later tonight, starting at 5 p.m. ET so click the link below and get ready to hit “add to cart” as quickly as you can possible click it.

Nintendo has apologized in the past for just how limited the amiibo supply has been for sought after characters, but that doesn’t really indicate how quickly Amazon will sell out of this amiibo Palutena installment.

The amiibo Palutena will allow you team-up with the character when you play against friends in the SupSmash Bros. for Wii U. Players will get a chance to customize their amiibo by adjusting their offensive and defensive capabilities while pushing their amiibo to level 50.

If you tap amiibos to the Wii U GamePad controller you can also watch the characters come to life in different games “in all sorts of exciting ways,” according to Nintendo. More amiibo characters and compatible games are coming soon so stay on the lookout.

There are a couple versions (imports from other countries) so make sure you grab the North America version that we linked to. You can get ready to grab one here on

(update) Amazon’s severs are locking up with the traffic, you can keep trying the link above to get in.

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