Paper Towns Premiere: John Green, Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne hit the red-carpet

Fans from all over the country gathered outside the NYC premiere of “Paper Towns” in order to catch a glimpse of their favorite author and meet the stars of the highly-anticipated film adaptation. Dozens of celebrities attended the premiere as well, all in support of YA novelist John Green and the cast.

At the event were the film’s stars, Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne, as well as co-stars Austin Abrams, Justice Smith and Halston Sage.

The film was adapted from the bestselling novel by author John Green (“The Fault in Our Stars”). At the center of PAPER TOWNS is the story of Quentin and his young neighbor Margo. A woman that loved mysteries so much she became one.

After taking him on an all-night adventure through their hometown, Margo suddenly disappears–leaving behind cryptic clues for Quentin to decipher. The search leads Quentin and his quick-witted friends on an exhilarating adventure that is equal parts hilarious and moving. Ultimately, to track down Margo, Quentin must find a deeper understanding of true friendship–and true love.

Quentin Jacobson, or “Q,” is intelligent, a loyal friend and a romantic. He’s seventeen years old and in his senior year of high school. Q believes that everyone gets a miracle in life and his came when he was nine, the day Margo Roth Spiegelman moved in next door.

Margo was always an adventurer; Q, not so much. Over the years Q has become best friends with Ben and Radar. Margo, on the other hand, has become increasingly daring and mysterious, and is now one of the ultra-cool kids in high school. So, Q and Margo drifted apart.

One night, only a few weeks before prom, Margo shows up at Q’s window and leads him on an all-night covert adventure that Q is certain signals a` return to his friendship – and maybe more? – with the unrequited love of his life and true soul mate. He knows his life is about to change. And it does.

The next morning, Margo is gone. She has simply disappeared and hasn’t left word with anyone. Or has she? Q starts to find clues seemingly left just for him – signs of where she went and why she left. By solving those clues, another adventure begins. Q, with his friends Ben and Radar and with their new friends Lacey and Angela, embark upon a journey to track down Margo. In unraveling the mystery, Q discovers the true meaning of friendship and the complexities of the enigma that is Margo.

John Green’s third novel Paper Towns was released by Dutton Books. It was an immediate hit, debuting at number five on The New York Times bestsellers list for young adult fiction.

The story’s biggest draws were its characters and their friendships. “It’s the story of Quentin and his friends searching for Margo, but in that process, it culminates in an epic road trip,” said John Green earlier this year. “It’s really about finding a deeper meaning of friendship and learning to imagine other people as being more complex than initial impressions.”

Those themes resonate with young people, Green continues. “Every teenager knows what it’s like to be put in a category, to be seen as one thing when you are, in fact, many things. So I think that’s the first thing people will connect with. I also think audiences will connect to the love stories in the movie. And then, the most important thing, to me, is that it’s a very funny movie about real friendship, and how real friendship can sustain you. Romantic love is not the only kind of valuable love.”