Jon Snow returning to Game of Thrones season 6 set fuels more speculation

Game of Thrones Season 5Kit Harington in "Game of Thrones"

The world can’t let go of Jon Snow. After the character was killed-off in season five of “Game of Thrones” the internet has been torn asunder, with internet groups and fellow cast-mates speculating if his character will return to the series in a later season.

This week Kit Harington, the long-haired dreamboat that plays Jon Snow in the show, turned up in Northern Ireland. Normally that wouldn’t be too exciting, but it just so happens to be same location where Season 6 of “Game of Thrones” will start filming over the next few months.

With Kit Harington showing up just as season 6 begins shooting, the internet has exploded once again into speculation. There are several leading theories amongst the internet forums and social-media gatherings at the moment. These theories range from Jon Snow’s actual death to Snow’s resurrection, one even includes Snow’s consciousness transferring into a Direwolf.

Harington didn’t stop for pictures when he spotted, something that he normally does when meeting fans. He may have just been running late, so that doesn’t tell us much. Just like the rest of the cast, Harington is strictly forbidden to talk about his character’s fate, or speak of season 6 at all; with anyone.

Following the tragic events of Snow’s untimely demise at the wall, David Nutter told President Barack Obama that Jon is indeed dead. That doesn’t stop the ‘Snow Resurrection’ camp from hoping though.

In an interview earlier this year Harington’s costar, Emilia Clarke, said there was a “50/50 chance” that Snow could return. Yes and no is still a 50/50 chance in case you didn’t catch the intended arbitrary response.

One thing seems very likely though, that Harington won’t be a fixed-presence in season 6; alive or dead. Harington himself told EW that he would not be back for Season 6 but you never know what a season 6 finale could bring.

Snow’s half-brother Bran is coming back for season 6, and as the story catches-up with the left-out characters from season five, it will give Snow some much needed rest.

The leading theories stand with priestess Melisandre raising Snow from the dead. Snow coming back as a white-walker, and one that Snow is really a Warg. That would mean Snow will transfer his consciousness into Ghost, his faithful direwolf.

Of course this could be for the filming of Snow’s death scene, which will be even harder to watch for the Snow-fans than his death I think.

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