Ronald “Mac” McDonald as he is called in FX’s popular series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will be directing the new “Minecraft” live-action film for Warner Bros Pictures.

The actor’s real name is Rob McElhenney and the COO of Mojang publishing confirmed earlier today on Twitter that Warner Bros. film has signed McElhenney to direct the big-screen adaptation of the popular indie-game.

Minecraft is one of the best selling indie-games of all time, boasting upwards of 100 million users across the globe. The game launched back in 2009, it was the creation of Markus “Notch” Persson.

Even if you haven’t played the game you might have heard about it, or have seen it pop-up in television shows like “The Simpsons” or in episodes of “South Park”. In the game players travel about in a cube-styled world creating houses, monuments or entire cities.

Roy Lee will be producing the film with Jill Messick, while Warner Bros. executive Jon Berg is overseeing the project for the studio.

Fans know Rob McElhenney best for his role in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Not only does McElhenney star as one of five main-members of the Patty’s crew, he is also one of the main writers. Rob McElhenney has also directed several episodes of IASIP in the past as well.