It’s official, Grammy award-winning performer Taylor Swift is taking her long-legged style to China. As we reported yesterday, Taylor Swift will be launching her own clothing-line brand in the country later this year.

At 25 years-old there is nothing that this actor/singer/songwriter/product-model can’t do. Swift has partnered with Inc, the second largest e-commerce company in all of China, to sell the line of Swift-approved clothing online to China’s immense population and around the globe.

If you are hoping to shop Swift’s new collection you will be able to do so, but not in stores. The new Swift line will only be sold on the website’s U.S. platform.

The “platform” as it’s called, works like a virtual mall, selling millions of products in one easy-to-shop location. The platform was created so that Chinese shoppers could buy American products without the fear that they are counterfeit, which is a huge problem in Chinese retailers across the country.

As we expected, the clothing line will start marketing later this fall and will launch officially in November. Not only is that a great time to launch for U.S. holiday shoppers, it’s also the month that Swift happens to be landing in Shanghai on her ‘1989’ tour.

Swift was just nominated for nine MTV VMAs this morning, more than any other artist. As I suggest yesterday, the collection is sure to eventuate long-legs, flat tummies and impress cat-lovers everywhere, so if you would like to jump on the Swift-clothing line this year, run the extra mile this week.