New Taylor Swift clothing line news sends stocks a soaring

Taylor Swift and her army of BFFs is headed straight for your closet. In a recent report released earlier today from CNN Money, pop-goddess and everyday superhero to the masses, Taylor Swift, will partner with the Chinese online retailer JD.com to release an exclusive clothing line.

Full details on the Swift-approved line of clothing are being kept secret at this time, but news of the possible partnership has sent JD.com stocks on the rise, as investors are most-likely imagining warehouses of Swift-merch selling across the globe.

Swift has already conquered YouTube, music arenas and stadiums, music-charts and international ad-campaigns, so selling her own line of products is just the next natural step for unstoppable juggernaut.

The recent report with Heritage66 Company, a partner behind the scenes of the Taylor Swift brand, indicates that the new clothing line will debut later this year (presumably launching a marketing campaign at the ever-so-critical Back To School marketing events) and will probably hit over the holiday or Spring 1 season next year.

So what can you expect from the clothing line? Well it’s Taylor Swift, so tone those legs and flatten those abs because it will most-likely be crop-tops and skirts. Warning, Taylor Swift products may appear different on you than the sculpted limbs and body of Swift herself.

More details on the Swift line and any North American distributions that it may include will be released once the TS brand releases an official statement.