TLC finally cancels the Duggars series 19 Kids and Counting

After weeks of wondering ‘will they or won’t they,’ TLC has now officially canceled “19 Kids and Counting.” The decision to cancel the once popular series comes after the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, which has yet to really come to any sort of conclusion at this point.

The Associated Press reported the cancelation earlier this morning. The show had been removed from TLC’s scheduling earlier this year, shortly after the first molestation report regarding Josh Duggar hit the headlines.

TLC has already removed the series from popular streaming services like Hulu, so the change might not be that noticeable for regular viewers of the show that have been looking for episodes these past few weeks.

All of this fallout came after Duggar admitted to molesting young girls, some of whom included his sisters, back when he was a teenager.

The network also told the AP that it will air a documentary about child abuse (commercial-free) in-wake of the series cancelation.