From J.K. Rowling to Judi Dench, British stars speak out to save the BBC

Across the Atlantic popular British stars Judi Dench, J.K. Rowling and Daniel Craig are showing their support of the BBC, on of the largest publicly-owned networks in Britain.

Lately the BBC has come under-fire from the right-wing Conservative Party government, with deep financial cuts threatening to end the long-running content and set to change how the BBC operates.

Earlier today an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron was published, with dozens of celebrities supporting it, stating that “a diminished BBC” would also create “a diminished Britain.”

Popular contents-creator Steven Moffatt, the man behind “Sherlock” and exec producer of “Doctor Who,” and Richard Curtis of “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Notting Hill” and “Love Actually,” fame have also voiced their support of the network.

The Daily Telegraph published the letter on its website, and it reads:

Dear Prime Minister,

We have seen that the government has pledged to modernize the licence fee, return funding that had been diverted to pay for broadband roll-out, and increase the license fee in line with inflation in return for the BBC taking on the costs of license fees for the over 75s.

The government and the BBC are now entering the Charter Review. We are writing to place on record at the very start of the process our concern that nothing should be done to diminish the BBC or turn it into a narrowly focused market-failure broadcaster.

In our view, a diminished BBC would simply mean a diminished Britain.

The BBC is a very precious institution. Like all organisations, it has its faults but it is overwhelmingly a creative force for good.

Britain’s creative economy is growing and enjoying unprecedented success. The BBC is at the heart of this as the global showcase for our creative industries. The BBC is trusted and loved at home by British audiences and is the envy of the world abroad.

During the course of the Charter, we will continue to make the case for a strong BBC at the center of British life and will be vocal in making the case for the BBC as it approaches its centenary.

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