Universal Pictures continues to dominate the summer box-office this week with the release of the animated feature “Minions,” starring Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton. The film brought in a little over $115M at the domestic box-office for the film’s opening weekend debut, taking the top-spot and premiering at an estimated 4,301 screens across the country.

Not to be forgotten, Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World” blockbuster took second-place at the box-office with $18.1M this weekend. The dinosaur-epic has now earned over $590.7M in the United States alone.

Third-place went to the Disney-Pixar animated film “Inside Out,” the animated-comedy brought in an additional $17M over this past weekend, raising the film’s running domestic total to a little more than $283.6M to-date.

“Terminator Genisys” from Paramount Pictures earned an additional $13.7M to take fourth-place overall at the domestic box-office. The film released earlier this month and has now earned $68.7M domestically.

In fifth-place was another new-debut, the Warner Bros. Pictures horror-film called “The Gallows.” The spooky teen-thriller only managed to bring in $10M over the film’s debut weekend. The film opened at an estimated 2,720 screens across the country.

Not making the top-five but worth mentioning was another lackluster debut from Focus Features; this time the thriller “Self/Less.” The film only managed to earn a little less than $5.4M across 2,353 screens domestically. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Martinez and Matthew Goode.