MTV invited fans of the new series “Scream” to a Comic-Con panel this week to meet a few of the cast and crew and discuss the first few episodes that have already aired. On the panel was Bella Thorne, who said she would be returning as Nina later on in the series.

Just like Drew Barrymore in the original “Scream” film back in 1996, Bella Thorne was quickly introduced and quickly killed-off in the opening moments of the new series; or so we all thought.

“You will see more Nina,” Thorne said at the panel. Thorne then added, “I’ll be back. More mean and less dead.” Thorne’s character in the pilot turned heads as the sexy redhead in a black bikini before she became a floating body in her own hot-tub.

“I really wanted to die on screen. It’s so cool,” Thorne told fans at the event. “I’ve done horror movies and I had to watch everyone die and I wanted to die!”

Thorne was a hit with the fans, answering questions and explaining the ups and downs of the being the ‘mean girl’ on camera. “The character, it’s hard because everybody wants to kill you off because you’re not well liked. I felt bad about having to be so mean,” she explained.

MTV’s “Scream” is off to a running start but the show did have the extremely popular series “Teen Wolf” as a strong lead-in. The show is most-likely set to return for another season, where we will probably see more Bella Thorne it seems.