It’s a fitting end for a bizarre tale, what started with a viral video now ends with a viral video. Late Thursday night (or early Friday morning depending on where you live) pop-star Ariana Grande posted a video from her YouTube account where she officially apologized (once again) for licking donuts at a small store in California and saying she hates America.

“Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly is such a rude awakening — it’s like, you don’t know what to do,” she says in the four-minute black-and-white apology. “I was so disgusted with myself. I wanted to shove my face into a pillow and disappear.”

The absolutely strange event took place this past Wednesday. Soon after TMZ released the footage from what looks like a security camera, the internet exploded with #Donutgate. To top it all off, if the donut licking wasn’t weird enough for you, Grnade also said that she “hates America” and “hates Americans.”

It didn’t go over very well at all. “With the advances we’ve made in the past couple months, and all the progressive things that have been going on, I’ve never been prouder of this country, actually,” she says in the video.

Let’s put this to bed. No more Donuts for you Grande, you had your chance.