Google’s Chromecast spawned a dozen or so competitive devices, but all of the major streamers still require in-home Wi-Fi to work. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to a cheap $15 adapter from Google.

Google quietly put up a listing for an “Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast” on the Google Play store this morning. The device is already sold-out, even though Google has yet to formally introduce the device to the press or on social-media, but if it’s nice to know that Google created the device for when it’s finally back in stock.

The device works by connecting your Google Chromecast directly to your router, which means no more slow Wi-Fi speeds. The adapter will be useful if you have a lot of devices hogging-up your bandwidth at home, or if you are consistently streaming data-heavy video from the Google Play store, Amazon or Hulu and are tired of choppy-video or slow buffering times.

You can checkout the official description on the Google Play store below, if you are hoping to pick one up you should try checking back in a day or so.

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