With San Diego Comic-Con in full swing Marvel Unlimited is doing a little celebrating of its own this year. The company is inviting Marvel fans, new and old, to experience over 75 years of Marvel Comics through Marvel Unlimited! For only 1¢ for the first month of a Marvel Unlimited monthly subscription. The deal will allow new subscribers will be able to experience the “greatest Marvel fan experience” with access to over 17,000 digital Marvel comics.

You can join the Marvel Universe for only a penny through Marvel Unlimited by using the Promo Code PENNY at Marvel Unlimited checkout (link below) and you can dive into the comics-series of The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Daredevil, Spider-Man and more.

You will be able to view the comics on the web and through the Marvel Unlimited app on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

If you are new to the Marvel Universe the Marvel Unlimited subscribers will have access to the DISCOVER section of Marvel Unlimited. Subscribers are now able to discover new pathways into the Marvel Universe by being able to search by their favorite storylines, characters or creators.

If you need to learn about Marvel’s Civil War before the film then Marvel Unlimited will show you the entire series and offer you a step-by-step suggested reading order. The same goes for Ant-Man and other artists and characters.

more info: marvel.comics