Earlier this week unsealed court documents revealed a few harrowing facts about Bill Cosby’s previous run-ins with the law. Following the revelations, Disney has decided that it will distance itself from the fading icon and will remove the statue of the comedian from the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.

The notice came after a Change.org petition was created to encourage the Walt Disney Company to remove the statue, the petition has been growing in popularity since it was created earlier this year.

“In light of recent circumstances it is prudent that the bust of actor Bill Cosby be removed,” the petition reads. “The Disney name is synonymous with family-friendly entertainment and with Mr. Cosby in the media daily facing accusations of sexual assault with the number of victims ever-climbing, it is inappropriate for Disney Parks to have a replica of Mr. Cosby’s likeness on display.”

The bust currently sits at Disney’s Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza. Both Centric and Bounce TV announced this week that they will be pulling reruns of Cosby’s shows in light of the unsealed court documents.