Another Star Wars spinoff is slowly taking shape as we head into San Diego Comic-Con week. Former Lucasfilm employee, Christopher Miller, will team-up with Phil Lord to direct a new standalone Star Wars film following Han Solo.

Miller and Lord are the masterful directing powerhouse that helped create “The Lego Movie,” they were also the team behind the “21 Jump Street” film adaptation.

While fans might be excited to hear Han Solo, this will be a younger Solo, telling of his life before we met him on Tatooine. The script will be written by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan. If the story follows the original Star Wars lore (which Disney has already thrown out) it could introduce the young Han Solo that fell in love with Bria Tharen, before Solo joined the Imperial Navy. It’s during this time that Solo meets his famous sidekick Chewbacca. THR was the first to report Miller and Lord joining the film as directors.

Another film is in the works as well, telling the backstory and exploits of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett. As with the Han Solo spinoff, a lot of the information is being kept quiet at the moment but with Star Wars descending onto San Diego Comic-Con in just a few days, hopefully we will learn more about the projects.