Walt Disney Studios is adding another live-action film adaptation to its growing list of possible future projects, this time following the story of Prince Charming.

The studio is currently closing the deal on a new project that will be centered around the popular Prince, this will be the first of the newly designed live-action films on the studios schedule that will have a male lead.

Producing the film will be David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Tripp Vinson, while Matt Fogel wrote the scrip to the film. The actual Prince Charming is kind of a confusing subject in Disney lore, as he could be the Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Prince that kissed Sleeping Beauty or the Prince that married Cinderella. They were all quite charming.

Disney is currently working on its next live-action remake, a retelling of the 1991 animated classic “Beauty and the Beast.” That film will star Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

Disney found terrific success with live-action adaptations in the past, “Maleficent,” “Alice and Wonderland” and most recently “Cinderella” all doing extremely well at the global box-office.

Walt Disney Studios is currently planning on creating a “Mulan” live-action film, as well as a “Dumbo” film working with CGI and live-action. Tim Burton will be the director of that project.

More information on the plot, casting and other details regarding the film will be released as the project moves closer to production.