As more and more consumers switch from traditional HDDs to SSDs they understand that the move usually means giving up a lot of space for a lot of speed. Samsung will be offering both speed and storage with the new 2-terabyte 850 PRO and 850 EVO solid state drives option, but the luxury comes at a cost.

“Samsung experienced surge in demand for 500 gigabyte (GB) and higher capacity SSDs with the introduction of our V-NAND SSDs. The release of the 2TB SSD is a strong driver into the era of multi-terabyte SSD solutions,” said Un-Soo Kim, Senior Vice President of Branded Product Marketing, Memory Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to expand our ultra-high performance and large density SSD product portfolio and provide a new computing experience to users around the globe.”

Both the 2TB 850 SSD PRO and EVO drives will be housed in the same 7-millimeter, 2.5-inch aluminum case as previous models, so if you are upgrading the transition should be rather seamless. The two new drives will also come equipped with Samsung’s advanced chip solutions, including 128 individual Samsung 32-layer 128Gb 3D V-NAND flash chips, an upgraded high-performance MHX controller that supports 2TB capacity, and four 20nm-class process technology-based 4Gb LPDDR3 DRAM chips.

Samsung also guarantees the 2TB 850 PRO for “10 years or 300 terabytes written,” and the 2TB 850 EVO for “five years or 150 TBW.”

More pricing and launch details will be released at a later date:

more info: samsungtomorrow