By the end of season three on Netflix’s “House of Cards,” things were looking grim for the Underwoods on a personal level. On a political level, Frank Underwood was about to jump into another election campaign and he was already off to a bad start.

Now it seems that Frank will have an all-new lady in his life in some degree, and she will be played by Neve Campbell. With SCREAM coming back on MTV in a new TV-adaption, what better time for Neve to jump-start her career then with a popular series on Netflix right?

It was earlier today that Deadline reported that Neve Campbell would be joining “House of Cards” for season four, though Netflix hasn’t officially announced any details pertaining to Campbell’s character at this time.

Returning once again to the show’s cast will be Kevin Spacey and Robyn Wright, who seemed to be calling it quits by the end of the third season in their roles as President and First Lady.

A star of the SCREAM series on the big-screen, Campbell is no strange to the small-screen either, she became a household name by starring in the once popular series “Party of Five” back in 1994.