Katy Perry sits atop highest paid female celebrity list

The last few years have been pretty fantastic for Katy Perry. Whether its been performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show or jet-setting between sold-out arenas across the globe, the songstress has been sitting pretty on the music-charts with almost every single she has produced.

Now Perry is sitting atop a non-music chart and its one of the best lists to be on, the Forbes highest-paid celebrity list.

In 2015 Perry took the number-one spot in entertainment and third-overall on the list. The list is a little confusing this year because two sports celebrities took the first and second-spots. Those two stars were Floyd Mayweather Jr. with $300M and Manny Pacquiao with $160M.

In the end Perry made $135 million with her pop-tastic songs and over-the-top concerts. Not too far behind was the ever popular One Direction with $130M.

Taylor Swift earned herself a cool $80M this year to hit ninth place, and Beyoncé can be found on the list with $54.5M. That amount lander her in the twenty-ninth spot.

A fe other callouts from the list include Garth Brooks at number six with $90M, and novelist James Patterson at number ten with $89M.