Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.” The film is expected to be the final installment to the long-running horror franchise.

The new film will be directed by Gregory Plotkin, working from a screenplay written by Gavin Heffernan and Adam Robitel. While the trailer of the film teases a few of the scarier moments for fans, the plot of the movie hasn’t been officially announced at this time. Paramount has teased the film stating only, “Every secret will be revealed. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is coming this October in 3D.”

The franchise has been a steady hit for Paramount Pictures since the first installment was released back in 2007. As usual the horror-thrill will launch in October, just in time for Halloween and back-to-school crowds to come together for their favorite horror flicks. The film is set to star Nathan Brewer and Jay Hieron.