After an exhaustive search, Marvel and Sony have announced who will play the role of Peter Parker in the new “Spider-Man” franchise.

From the movie “The Impossible” and set to star in the film “In the Heart of the Sea” with Chris Hemsworth, young-actor Tom Holland will be playing the role of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man moving forward. This will be for the latest reincarnation of the character for the big-screen, which will continue into several films if everything goes to plan.

This will be a broader role role than previous Spider-Man actors were offered, as this Spider-Man character will also crossover into the Marvel Universe from Sony Pictures.

Holland will first appear as Peter Parker in the upcoming Marvel film “Captain America: Civil War.” This will be the first time that Spider-Man crosses into the Marvel Universe within a Marvel film in decades.

Following his introduction, Sony will then create a standalone films to expand Spider-Man’s unique storyline. It was back in February that Sony finally agreed to a partnership with Marvel Studios, allowing Spider-Man to reunite with his Avenger friends.

Sony had owned the film-rights to the Spider-Man franchise in the past, which is why you never saw Peter Parker in a Marvel film. The first standalone film is expected to hit theaters on July 28, 2017.