This summer FYI will be adding a new original series, “We’re Moving In,” to its popular lineup of renovation series. The show aims to takes home renovation and decorating to a whole new digital level while adding a social-media flare to the format.

With the guidance of design specialists, Britany Simon and James Connelly, new housemates get the help they need in order to make their visions come alive with innovative, do-it-yourself ideas from Pinterest. Six half-hour episodes are set to premiere beginning Tuesday, July 14 at 10pm ET.

In each episode of “We’re Moving In,” hosts and interior designers, Britany Simon and James Connelly, meet new housemates – from recently married couples, to roommates, to blended families – that are at odds with living together because of their conflicting design styles.

Britany and James help guide the new housemates on how to best combine their styles and assets when making the leap to sharing a home for the first time. Using Pinterest boards for inspiration and as a source of design ideas, the new housemates will make all the important decisions such as choosing the perfect paint color, to remodeling of the kitchen, to deciding which couch stays and which one has to go.

“We are excited to be the first to bring ‘Pinning’ to television,” said Gena McCarthy, SVP of Programming and Development for FYI. “Instead of just dreaming about it, our design team shows homeowners and viewers just how easy it is to make inspiration ‘Pins’ a reality in your own home.”

“We’re Moving In” is produced by The Magical Elves for FYI. Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz are executive producers for The Magical Elves. Gena McCarthy, Lauren Wohl and James Bolosh are executive producers for FYI.