Kendall Jenner expanded her profile this week with the launch of her first fragrance campaign in partnership with Estée Lauder. The reality-star turned fashion model launched a new national ad campaign for Modern Muse Le Rouge, the latest scent from the very popular Modern Muse collection. As you can tell from the picture shared by Jenner, Le Rouge is the sexy theme behind the new ads.

Dressed in scarlet, Jenner looks better than ever. The social-media vixen shared a few of the ad campaign’s details with her social-followers earlier this week, all in preparation for the launch of Le Rouge later this summer.

Containing vanilla, rose, jasmine, magnolia and even patchouli, the scent is targeted as a soft and seductive addition to your collection. Jenner will be headlining the national campaign as Estée Lauder preps the August launch.

Estée Lauder launched the “behind the scenes” video above to help spark the marketing campaign’s launch, featuring a lot of slow-motion Jenner in her stylish reds.

The company’s official description of the Modern Muse Le Rouge woman states, “Like the award-winning original Modern Muse and Modern Muse Chic, Modern Muse Le Rouge was inspired by the complexity of a modern woman.” Estée Lauder added, “Who is Modern Muse Le Rouge? She’s the captivating woman who makes a bold, colorful statement without saying a word.”