Comic-Con is just a few weeks away but three of the annual event’s largest film studios won’t be dominating the headlines this year. Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures will be scaling back their showcases this year as highly-anticipated panels like Star Wars and Doctor Who prepare to fill the void.

This won’t be the first time that Marvel Studios has skipped the Con, the studio avoided San Diego back in 2011 and instead put a larger focus on their singular fall fan-event. In fact, with Disney hosting D23 on its own and Marvel’s private event growing in popularity, it wouldn’t be too surprising if similar film-studios instituted a smaller focus on SDCC over the next few years.

We saw the same thing happen with the E3 expo for video-games. As popularity and streaming became more popular, interest from advertisers and the cost to showcase products skyrocketed. Popularity for events for like E3 and SDCC have never been higher, which can be a great platform for the largest of presenters but smaller projects get drowned out in the overall noise of the event. In E3, we now see publishers host their own smaller events leading up to main showcases, or they take place the following day to standout.

SDCC’s renewed focus on television, film and even games brought in millions for the event’s organizers, but too much competition creates its own issues when dealing with a confined space and the limited attention span of today’s media.

As we mentioned earlier, J.J. Abrams “Star Wars” machine is expected to be the talk of the event, with previews of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and more information on spinoffs like “Rogue One”.

Don’t worry about Marvel, their comic-book wing will still be featured in full force when Comic-Con kicks off at the San Diego Convention Center. The event is scheduled to run from July 8-12.