Earlier this year Spotify fans awoke one morning to find all of Taylor Swift’s music missing from their digital libraries on Spotify. The pop-star had removed her catalog of music from Spotify back in November, writing a public op-ed and denouncing the freemium music service for devaluing music by offering it all for free.

It was a risky move but one that paid-off for Swift in the long-run. Without digital streaming services to listen to Swift’s new album, her ‘1989’ record sales went through the roof and smashed her chart-records. Now it seems that Swift is hoping to repeat that success well into the future.

You still won’t find any of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ hits on digital streaming services and even though Apple is launching a new music service over its millions of iPhone users in late July, Swift won’t be addering 1989 to the playlist.

Earlier today a rep Swift’s label Big Machine Records confirmed with Billboard that 1989 won’t be available on Apple Music when it launches on June 30, leaving little hope that a brand-new album would hit Apple Music when it is released in the future.

You can find Swift’s older songs on subscription-based streaming services like the new Tidal and Rdio, it’s only 1989 and its record-setting songlist that is being withheld.

With fans buying more records if an album isn’t on services like Spotify, you may wonder why more artists aren’t holding their music for a week or two when they release a new track. The fact remains that Spotify is a great service for getting artists into the ears and devices of users that normally wouldn’t have heard of the band or performer without the model, but if you’re Taylor Swift, then the cards are stacked in your favor.