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Turtle Beach Elite 800x Review: Standing Alone

With E3 2015 wrapping up I had already spent the last week testing out the Turtle Beach Elite 800x wireless headset and after speaking with a few of my colleagues at the event, I can say that TB has won over almost everyone I spoke with.

Right off the bat the $300 price-tag will put the headsets out of reach for a few gamers, but if you are looking to upgrade your gaming arsenal, these should be at the top of your list. This past week I tested out the Xbox One version and really I haven’t come across another headset that has worked so well with the system.

While there are a lot of wireless headsets available, few have all of the features that I’ve come to expect in my purchase. Noise cancellation is key, especially when shopping for a mobile-compatible headset, as this is. When buying a premium headset it’s just something I’ve come to look to expect right off the bat. I’ve sat next to too many crying babies on flights and living in NYC, I have had my fill of noisy sidewalks and loud subways. Anything over $100 should offer noise-cancellation in my opinion and the 800x shutout the world nicely.

Turtle Beach 800x Review

Other features like DTS 7.1 Surround Sound and Dolby Digital branding are also something I look for when shopping for gaming headsets. TB offers both of these options with the 800x. While many headsets offer surround sound, you should really look for a brand that you can trust. Virtual surround sound can be hit and miss and the platform you are playing on might be a factor with how well the surround sound actually works. The 800x worked perfectly with the Xbox One and no matter which title I tested the headset with, all were crystal clear with a seamless surround-sound experience.

Each genre requires different settings really, the high-octane soundtracks that you might love in simulators won’t require the same precision as a first-person shooter for example. That’s why presets are a terrific feature to look for when shopping around and Turtle Beach as always had terrific presets built into their software and hardware models. Even the “Superhuman Hearing” modes that allows you to dial-into footsteps and ‘clickity’ reloads are brilliant with this design.

Entertainment is also a huge factor when I’m shopping for a new headset. The 800x worked just as seamlessly with my tablets and smartphone as it did with my Xbox One and testing the headset out with Netflix and Hulu was a delight. All of this is done through Bluetooth of course, which was a simple one-button setup right out of the box once everything was ready to go.

If you have an Android device, the Ear Force Audio Hub app for Android will allow you to customize and control your headset with even more options.

The nitty-gritty options that I loved are the ability to hear myself talk during play (which some headsets won’t allow, forcing me to dive into atrocious Windows 8 system settings or be self-conscious and wonder if I’m shouting all the time on console) and there was a great option to hear mobile notifications after I paired my mobile device.

I loved the magnetic charging stand, no cables and no battery swapping required. Not only does it charge your headset but just having a place to store them and protect them was a bonus. They look very chic standing there silently while I’m away from desk as well. My little desk at work is a minimalists dream and all simple designs like this are welcomed on it indefinitely.

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