Kylie Jenner’s relationship with rapper Tyga found its way into the social-media spotlight this afternoon, after the rapper released his latest song “Pleazer.”

The song, which is extremely explicit, was released earlier today online and there’s some debate on when the song was written and if it is about the rapper’s suspected new-found love; Kylie Jenner.

The scrutiny surrounding the song’s lyrics, which we can in no way publish due to content, mostly stem from Kylie Jenner’s young-age. Earlier this week Tyga denied reports that the song’s sexually charged lyrics involved Jenner, by telling TMZ that the song was recorded two years ago. At that time the rapper was dating Blac Chyna, who is the mother of his young song King.

For a few weeks now the duo have insisted to the press and their fans that they are just friends but have been seen together out and about almost exclusively. Many fans and listeners have shared the idea that the song’s lyrics are about the 17-year-old and many online reviews think the song went a little too-far in its descriptions.

There’s nothing wrong with songs about sex or sexual nature but if you write a song about acts that are “’bout to catch a felony” for doing them, well you should expect people to react to it. Even more so when you are reportedly dating a young girl, who is only now 17.

States differ in sexual-consent laws. Many states allow younger children under 18 to have sex with older people, as long as the older person is not a “person of authority” over the child like a teacher, doctor or camp counselor for example. California on the other hand, the home of Kylie Jenner, is more strict. In that state no one can have sex with a minor unless they are married.