If you’re a generally sweaty guy like me, then you know that long gaming sessions, regardless of the weather, can result in a ton of hand wiping and gross, wet controllers. Believe me, I wish there could be another way, but my hands sweat like there’s no tomorrow, and I often find myself pausing a lot just to wipe off. It’s become second nature to me, to be honest, but that doesn’t mean I prefer gross, clammy, sweaty hands when I’m holding a controller.

Enter KontrolFreek Grips, a new product by KontrolFreek aimed at people like me. Surrounding the sides of the controller (in my case, the Xbox One), the Grips sit exactly where the “meat” of my hands would hold the controller; in the cup of the hand itself, and along the meaty portion under my thumbs. The material is similar to what you might find in a wet suit, which offers a nice spongy feel. It is made of soft foam Poron, which acts similarly to memory foam. The surface is comprised of a matte, honeycomb embossed Polyurethane, giving these Grips a very “grippy” texture with increased friction. Because the top layer is not flat and instead has a honeycomb pattern, the Grips are also breathable and moisture wicking, functioning similar to how an Under Armour shirt might.

The Grips are also anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-odor) because let’s face it; hours upon hours of sweat, dead skin cells, little chunks of food, doggy drool (in my house), and God knows what else probably makes for a pretty disgusting surface, rife with crap just waiting to make you sick. Sure this Grips are no substitute for washing your hands, but if you find yourself unable to do so (NOTE: never be unable to wash your hands, you sicko), at least you have some sort of defense.

The Grips also use a special 3M adhesive which adheres to the controller without leaving a residue, an important feature since the Grips can be repositioned. This is something I already got to test out since I put the Grips on backwards the first time. Peeling them off and repositioning them is a cinch but as with anything that claims to offer multiple reposition attempts, your lifespan will drastically reduce as the Grips get less and less sticky every time you peel them off. So don’t be a dummy like me and try to get it right the first time, ok?

The KontrolFreek Grips can be found on the KontrolFreek website for $12.99 (Xbox One and PS4).