In the western’s I grew-up with as a kid, father’s left behind their trusty six-shooter, maybe a saddle or a pocket watch. Now father’s are passing down their extensive knowledge of the best cartoons to watch and I’m pretty ok with both scenarios. My mother passed-down two exclusive genres of film and television, Westerns and English Mystery series and I watched both for hours on end every week with her growing up.

According to a recent Netflix report, fathers are bonding with their children by sharing some of the own childhood enjoyment. Netflix found 85% of dads around the world have already or plan to introduce their kids to the cartoons they grew up watching.

“Not only does it let them feel like a kid again (75%) and help them teach life lessons (76%), but dads take seriously the role of keeping alive the pop culture references from their childhood. And two-thirds of them (66%) are turning to internet TV services like Netflix for this new family tradition.”

“The Saturday morning cartoon tradition we grew up with lives on with Netflix, but now families can choose when they want to watch those nostalgic shows together,” said Erik Barmack, Vice President of global content acquisition. “From Transformers and The Smurfs to My Little Pony and PokÈmon, dads are passing down some of the greats already and we’ll keep adding more classics like new versions of Danger Mouse and Care Bears.”

The survey asked dads what shows they’re most looking forward to passing down. Superheroes ranked high around the world with shows like Spider-man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel’s Avengers. The survey also revealed a few key cultural differences between countries:

  • Dads in the U.S. ‘Go, Go Gadget Go’ for Inspector Gadget
  • Tom and Jerry earned the top spot among dads in Brazil
  • British dads are loyal to Danger Mouse
  • Canadians find the Smurfs…well, Smurfy
  • Asterix is king with French dads
  • Dads in Germany have a soft spot for Pippi Longstocking
  • Mexican dads favor the Pink Panther

And while this rite of passage creates inside jokes and even a secret code between families, the time spent watching together is also one of the reasons 90% of dads love watching with their children.

Dad isn’t the only one creating these new family traditions. Moms use TV shows to teach life lessons, but they’re also driven by the fond memories (84%) and the familiarity the shows bring (78%). Care Bears tops mom’s list of cartoons she grew up with that she’s planning to pass down. But moms also end up watching shows their kids introduce them to (77%). And in the end, 87% of moms enjoy watching their kids snuggle up to the other parent for TV time.