You can expect at least one more film starring everyone’s favorite performing Bellas in the near future, Universal Pictures has already started securing the lead-characters for a third ‘Pitch Perfect’ film.

Already onboard are two of series’ most popular stars and singers; Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. As excited as fans are at the news of Kendrick’s and Wilson’s casting news, they will have to wait until 2017 to see them in theaters.

The two popular actors have confirmed that they will be returning to the “Pitch perfect” franchise for a third-film, the first two installments soared at the box-office when they were released by Universal in theaters, the latest was released over this past Spring,

The highly anticipated sequel, “Pitch Perfect 2” first opened in theaters back in May and has already brought in more than $255 million across the globe. As for behind the camera news, we do know that Elizabeth Banks is onboard to produce the new film but other information on her involvement has not been confirmed at this time. Banks directed the second installment, which was her feature-film directorial debut and she also stars in a small role in the previous two films, but she has not yet been confirmed as the director of the third film.

Fans of the Bellas can expect the film to release on July 21, 2017. More information on other returning stars, a few teaser-trailers and a whole lot of singing and dancing .gifs are sure to be released later next year.