The dinosaurs are on the loose this week as “Jurassic World” dominated a few records and stomped-out early projections. The film opened in theaters, unchallenged, to an amazing $204.5M box-office weekend across the country. That is just the domestic total projections mind you, the film is expected to break international records as the week moves on.

Everyone within Universal Pictures should be celebrating the sequel’s historic rise to the top of the charts over the weekend, the film was directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt. Just how great was the opening? This installment had a better opening weekend than all three of the previous films combined proving that Chris Pratt can still do-no-wrong in theaters.

The film earned the title of second-best box office debut of all Hollywood history, nearly beating-out the $207.4 million opening of “Marvel’s The Avengers” back in 2012.

In a distant second this weekend was 20th Century Fox’s “Spy” comedy with $16M. The film dropped from first-place to second-place with the “Jurassic World” opening.

In third place this week was the Warner Bros. Pictures’ disaster film “San Andreas,” starring Dwayne Johnson. That film earned the studio an additional $11M over the weekend, raising the domestic total to just over $199M to-date.

In fourth-place was “Insidious Chapter 3” from Focus Features. The latest horror-installment to the popular franchise earned $7.3M across the country this weekend, reaching $37.3M overall.

Rounding out the top-five this weekend was the musical-comedy “Pitch Perfect 2,” also from Universal Pictures. The film earned an additional $5.9M this weekend, raising the film’s domestic total to just over $170M since the film premiered in theaters.