It was a magical moment for Taylor Swift fans last night when the pop-country star brought two of her BFFs on-stage to celebrate with the crowd.

Swift is currently killing-it on her 1989 album tour and bringing celebrity and musical guests on-stage to perform with her is starting to become a regular trademark for the singer.

Last night (June 12, 2015) was a particularly entertaining event for fans as Swift brought model BFF Cara Delevingne and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit BFF Mariska Hargitay on-stage as Swift broke into “Style”.

The event took place in Philadelphia and Swift introduced the two ladies to the sold-out arena yelling to fans, “Give it up for my friends Philadelphia.”

Shortly after the event Delevingne left a message on Instagram from the event (shown above) thanking Swift and saying, “I am so proud to call you my friend @taylorswift what an amazing show! You blew my brains as per usual! Keep inspiring the generations to come x #tillweare100”

Swift’s tours are among the most popular, most profitable (and according to most reviews) the most entertaining on the musical market. Swift will be continuing her tour across the country for the remainder of the summer, it’s probably a safe bet that more guests from the singer’s “Bad Blood” music-video will appear on stage before the tour comes to an end.

As Swift continues to dominate the tour market, the singer is still making headlines for her charitable donations, her amazing repertoire with her fans, and basically becoming the best super-icon we’ve seen in years.