While many of us are happy with our new games running on non-4K monitors, NVIDIA is planning ahead, for the day we all switch to UHD glory. The price of 4K monitors and televisions has been dropping over the last few years, and as more and more content becomes available on UHD resolution, it’s true that more and more of us will likely want to upgrade.

That’s the setup for the new NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti, a mid-priced graphics-card that will prepare your PC for the upcoming storm of 4K and VR gaming.

When I say mid-priced, I mean for NVIDIA, which tends to offer higher prices that its competitors on the market. While the $1,000 Titan X card sits with a lofty price-tag, the new GTX 980 Ti is a bit more reasonable at $650 at retail. The new card is an updated and more powerful version of the GTX 980, which was released last year.

The new version will offer customers 2,816 parallel processing CUDA cores, with 176 texture units to work with. The new Ti will also offer 6GB of RAM, over last year’s 4GB offering. The card is also designed with NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, which is how it aims to achieve stunning performance while gaming in 4K resolution. While NVIDIA does mention VR gaming in the promo video below, there really isn’t enough content out there for customers to contrast their claims, or even fully understand them, since many customers have yet to experience any form of VR gaming with hands-on testing.

The good news all-around is that with a new version coming out, the GTX 980 original will get a new, lower price-point. If you would like to pick up the original version, the GTX 980 will now cost you $500, instead of $550.