Another live-action Disney film is coming together and in the new project Reese Witherspoon will be suiting up to play the role of Tinker Bell the magical little accomplice to Peter Pan. According to early reports, Witherspoon will be playing the role of the popular little fairy in a new film written by the same scribe that is putting the final touches on Disney’s ‘Finding Dory’ sequel; writer Victoria Strouse.

Not only will Reese Witherspoon be starring in the film as Tink, she is also attached as a producer. The film is going by the name ‘Tink’ at the moment, THR was the first to report on the casting. Although Victoria Strouse has reportedly been chosen to write the script for the film, there is no indication that Disney has chosen a Director for the film. The film is also without a confirmed production schedule.

Early reports on the story are vague at best, but if early reports pan-out (pun wonderfully intended) the story will follow key-aspects of the classic Peter Pan storyline, with most of the story being told through Tinker Bell’s perspective. In the original 1953 animation, you may remember that Tink’s first reaction when introducing Wendy to the Lost Boys was to have them kill her, she was also responsible for ratting-out Peter’s secret tree-fort to Hook. In the original J.M. Barrie’s story, Tinker Bell had a small role but we imagine her jealous behaviour will play a role in the upcoming film.

Since her days as a sidekick, the character Tinker Bell has had quite a few straight-to-video hits for Disney home box-office. The character is voiced by the popular young-actor Mae Whitman in the series. Tinker Bell is the poster-fairy for the Disney Fairy collection and has proven to be a very profitable character over the long-haul.