Kristen Stewart shines once-again on the cover of a high-profile magazine, this time on Bazaar, glowing on the beach in a series of sunswept photoshoots. Wearing Chanel, the brand that has made her a fashion icon over the past few years, it seems almost impossible not to fall in love with Kristen Stewart all over again, even if she is bringing some harsh realities along with the beautiful pictures.

From teenage-star to an accomplished and award-winning actress, Kristen Stewart grew-up on the big-screen, and the last two-years in particular have been standout moments in Stewart’s career. Stewart seems to be smiling more, but not on the red-carpet and often times not here in the States. Instead, Stewart seems to have found a perfect balance of Hollywood and indie-projects, all the while maintaining a sense of a private life, and it is doing wonders for her career.

That’s not to say Stewart has had it easy, in fact, the actor talked about the difficulties of being a teenage superstar in a hit franchise like ‘Twilight,’ and learning of the rampant sexism included in Hollywood fame and fortune first-hand. If the last time you read about Kristen Stewart was when she was a global phenomenon, dating fellow star Robert Pattinson, then you probably wouldn’t recognize the actor that appears in fashion campaigns and independent films today.

In an interview with Bazaar Stewart talked about her evolution saying, “I’ve taken a step back and relinquished a bit of control. Now, I just breeze through, though there are some things I still get very nervous about. I’m still really personally invested. You could sit down with me in a five-minute interview on camera and really rough me up. It’s not hard to get me upset.” Stewart added, “I felt quite out of place and young. And I remember meeting some of the worst people you could possibly imagine. Just soul-sucking, cut-throat fashion people, the full-on Devil Wears Prada.”

Stewart’s most recent accomplishment was winning the French CÉSAR AWARD, an amazing win considering that no other American actor has ever been chosen. The film that Stewart starred in was ‘Clouds of Sils Maria,’ she shared the screen with the film’s lead Juliette Binoche. The film was a wonderful success when it was shown at Festivals throughout the year, and perfect selection if you wish to enjoy the stylings of writer/director Olivier Assayas.

kristen-cover-newsstandStewart had some brutally honest comments about Hollywood saying that “women inevitably have to work a little bit harder to be heard.” Stewart went on to say that Hollywood is “disgustingly sexist,” adding, “It’s crazy. It’s so offensive it’s crazy.” Stewart is by no means the only outspoken actor to make these claims, other stars like Patricia Arquette at the Oscars, Helen Mirren in Interviews and gigantic stars like Meryl Streep have all taken a stance on the subject throughout their careers.

That may be why Stewart will be working with such amazing women over the course of her next few films. Coming up for Stewart are the films ‘Anesthesia,’ with Corey Stoll and Glenn Close. Stewart will also be starring in the sci-fi film ‘Equals,’ with Nicholas Hoult and Guy Pearce.

Jesse Eisenberg and Topher Grace will both be featured with Stewart in the film ‘American Ultra,’ and of course there is the untitled Kelly Reichardt project with Michelle Williams and Laura Dern. Stewart is also set to appear in the films ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,’ and a future Woody Allen Project. That film will be written and directed by Woody Allen, and is also set to star Jesse Eisenberg.

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