One of the dozen jobs James Franco is currently performing at any given time is his AOL original series ‘Making a Scene with James Franco,’ and fans should be happy to know that the series will be coming back thanks to popular demand for a second season. Starring Academy Award nominee James Franco, Making a Scene will turn classic TV moments on their head in a genre-bending, scene-melding, one of a kind digital comedy.

“We are excited to announce the return of Making a Scene with James Franco on AOL,” said Dermot McCormack President of Video and AOL Studios. “James Franco is a one of a kind director, writer, actor, producer and poet who uses his talent to create a never before seen takes on some of the most recognized scenes in TV history.”

Making a Scene with James Franco was born out of James Franco’s love for movies and is back, but with a twist. Each episode of the new season will feature Franco and one or more fellow artists reimagining classic television shows for a digital audience. Throughout the 10-episode series his crew will reinvent old classics by swapping genres, characters and more. Produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions and Trium Entertainment.

All new episodes of Making a Scene with James Franco will stream on